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  • How Airline Miles Credit Cards Work

Airline miles, commonly referred to as travel points or frequent flyer miles, are part of a highly established loyalty program which is offered by credit cards and airlines. Generally, you accumulate a set number of miles; this amount is based on how often and the distance that you fly, as well as how much you spend on your credit card. Cardholders can then use these miles to buy tickets. Our airline miles credit card reviews help you choose the best card.


  • How Balance Transfer Credit Cards Work

To put it simply, balance transfer credit cards allow you to move your debt from one credit card to another — essentially allowing you to pay off one credit card with another. Typically, a person will transfer their balance to a credit card with a lower and more manageable interest rate, thus allowing them to save some money on their monthly payments, or potentially pay off the entire balance in a more timely manner. For example, if you find yourself paying 12 percent interest on a $3,000 debt, you will have a $560 payment for the next six months in order to pay off the balance. However, if you transfer that $3,000 balance to another credit card, one that does not charge any interest for the first six months, your payments will be lowered to $500.

  • How Cash Back Credit Cards Work

Getting cash back when you use your credit card is a type of reward system that some lenders choose to offer in order to make their cards seem more attractive and more beneficial to the average consumer.  Some of these credit cards promise a fixed amount back as long as you use a card during a specific time window, while others do so on the condition that you transfer a balance – a cash back card is slightly different. A cash back credit card is where you get back an agreed percentage of the money you spend back.

  • How 0% Zero Introductory Interest Rate Credit Cards Work

Low introductory rate credit cards are among some of the most appealing credit cards. To clarify, an introductory rate is a low-interest rate – sometimes as little as 0% – that applies to your balance for a set period of time after you open your credit card. Introductory rates are typically given to applicants with high credit scores.

Depending on the card that you are looking at the introductory rate may apply only to a specific type of balance. A great example of this is balance transfers. There are several low introductory cards out there that only offer that low interest rate to balances that were transferred from a higher interest card. That said, there are also a lot of credit cards that apply the introductory rate to both balance transfers and new purchases.

  • How Travel Rewards Credit Cards Work

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