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Alaska Airlines Visa Signature

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  • Excellent sign-up bonus
  • A range of travel benefits and perks
  • Zero foreign transaction fees

  • Zero foreign transaction fees
  • Includes free checked bags
  • Miles will not expire while the account is active

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Summary

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card offers a range of benefits for those who fly to Alaska and other selected destinations frequently. There is a generous welcome bonus that the cardholder gains access to when certain criteria are met.

The customer needs a good credit score to qualify for the card, and some may only be eligible for the basic credit card from Alaska Airlines, which offers limited access to the travel perks.

Several benefits are provided to those who frequently travel, given that the travel destination is within the routes covered by Alaska Airlines and selected partners. At the moment, Alaska Airlines does have over 1,200 flights each day, and customers get to choose between more than 900 destinations.

Bonus miles are offered on certain purchases, while all other transactions are eligible for standard reward points. When using Alaska Airlines, the customer is also given additional perks, such as free checked bags, as well as a discount on lounge access.

  • Introductory bonus offer of 40,000 miles
  • Includes free checked bags
  • Miles will not expire while the account is active

  • $75 annual fee
  • Minimum credit requirement is somewhat high
  • Flight routes can be limiting

Best Features

Upon approval of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card, the customer gains access to 40,000 miles as a bonus if they spend at least $2,000 before 90 days past following the issue date of the card. Additionally, the customer also gets access to the Alaska Companion Fare program, allowing them to buy a second airline ticket from only $121 once per year.

Triple miles are offered on certain purchases that are made at Alaska Airlines, while other transactions will yield one mile per dollar that the customer spends with their credit card.

Customers are also provided access to Alaska Lounges at a 50% discounted rate, and a 20% cashback is awarded in reward points for all in-flight purchases made on Alaska Airlines.

A number of exclusive discounts are offered to customers who have an Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card, including special offers at more than 400,000 hotels. There is also no transaction fee charged on card swipes in foreign destinations.


The annual fee is a drawback for most people. The company charges the customer a once-off $75 in fees once each year. There is no special offer that provides a free first year like some competitor cards.

There is also a limitation in the destinations where customers can fly to, as Alaska Airlines does not cover all states. Furthermore, when redeeming earned miles, restrictions are in place when it comes to choosing how the rewards will be used.

Overall Summary

A welcome bonus, along with a discounted rate for one companion each year, makes the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card an attractive option for many people. On the other hand, you do need to consider the annual fee charged on the card, as well as the limited routes and restriction in terms of how miles can be redeemed. The card may offer frequent travelers who prefer the routes that are covered by these airlines great value, but for those who need more flexibility in terms of how they can use their rewards, as well as the possible destinations they can travel to, this might not be an appropriate card.

Who this card is best for

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card can be an ideal option for a person with a good credit card who does qualify for this particular option, given that they do travel frequently within the routes that Alaska Airlines cover. This is also an option to consider for people who need a travel credit card with a slightly lower annual fee compared to most competitor options. For those who do not travel within the routes that the airline covers, however, an alternative travel credit card option might be a better route to go.


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