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Capital One Spark Classic

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  • Only need limited/average credit to qualify
  • Unlimited rewards
  • No foreign transaction fees

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  • Unlimited rewards
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No annual fees

Capital One Spark Classic Card Summary

The Capital One Spark® Classic for Business is a credit card that many in the industry consider to be a good “starter” credit card for those who might be starting or own a business. It’s a credit card that only requires the user to have at least limited/average credit, and the cardholder will still earn cash back rewards when they use this card. This is a credit card that some have considered to be a “no-nonsense” card that will work in your favor to build capital.

  • Only need limited/average credit to qualify
  • Unlimited rewards
  • No foreign transaction fees

  • High APR
  • Below average rewards rate

Best Features

This is a credit card designed to help businesses grow their capital and credit. If a business needs to expand its operations, they will have the credit to be able to take out loans and do so. The Capital One Spark® Classic for Business will allow the owner to earn unlimited cash back rewards that they can use on their terms. Another perk for card owners to earn cash back rewards is through the free employer cards perk that is offered. Cardholders can add employee cards at no additional cost and still reap all the rewards from the purchases their employees make!

It’s important too, as a business owner, to know your credit card has security features tied to it. This card has fraud coverage ($0 Fraud Liability if the card is stolen or lost) and it comes with real-time alerts if someone does illicitly try to use your card to make purchases. Additional features to the credit card include no foreign transaction fees, auto rental and collision damage waiver, and quarterly and year-end summary statements. The latter of these perks is designed to be customized and itemized to the way you choose to help your business planning, budgeting and tax time needs.


Members will only earn 1% cash back on every purchase made on any and all categories. When you compare this to other cash back rewards cards, which will offer 5% on specific categories and at least 2% on restaurants, gas, and grocery, it doesn’t make this card a desirable option in that regard. It does help that cardholders can earn unlimited rewards, but at the rate of 1%, it can take a long time and a lot of purchases to get to the level they want before redeeming them.

Another drawback to this credit card is the high APR rate. The Capital One Spark® Classic for Business does not offer an introductory APR rate of 0%, and the APR rate is at a set high rate. You might have noticed that, oftentimes, credit cards will give users an APR range that goes somewhere between the mid-teens to mid-twenties. However, with this business card, the APR rate is at a fixed 24.74% which is considered to be very high. As a business owner, it’s important to know that if you are unable to pay off your entire balance each month, then the Spark Classic card will slap on this high APR rate. An additional cost such as this might not be worth the headache for some.

Overall Summary

The Capital One Spark® Classic for Business has many features that small or first-time business owners might find enticing. The card’s ability to limit unnecessary fees and offer cash back rewards make it attractive to those who are looking to curb costs and yet earn some additional money that they can use at their discretion. However, the incredibly high-interest rate is still a stark warning that the failure to pay and pay in a timely manner will be very costly.

Who this card is best for

This is a credit card that is best for business owners with average credit. It’s an excellent way to start building up that credit in order to hopefully expand their business operations in the future. If you are able to pay off your monthly balance then the $0 annual fee and additional rewards, especially if you decide to give your employees cards themselves, will provide this credit card with long-term value.


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