Citi® Simplicity Card

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Citi Simplicity Card

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  • 21 months of 0% APR on all Balance Transfer transactions.
  • One year of 0% APR on your regular purchases


  • No annual fees
  • Add An additional card at no extra cost

Citi Simplicity Card Summary

The Citi Simplicity Card seems to be a relatively popular Balance Transfer option from the bank. The card offers a number of benefits for those who are looking to pay off larger sums of debt without having to worry about additional interest charges on their transactions. There is a period of up to two years where the cardholder is able to enjoy 0% APR rates. At the same time, following this period, the variable interest rate could be problematic to some individuals.

The card does have a higher recommended credit score than a couple of alternative options that are available. Furthermore, there does not seem to be reward programs available for people who do decide to opt for the Citi Simplicity Card.

  • Two-year period of 0% APR on all Balance Transfer transactions.
  • One year of 0% APR on your regular purchases
  • No annual fee

  • 3% foreign transaction fee
  • Once the introductory period has expired, the APR will be variable

Best Features

The top feature of the Citi Simplicity Card is the introductory offer. During the first two years, no interest fees are added to Balance Transfers. There are also no interest fees added to purchases made with the card for the first year.

The purchase protection feature is also a great benefit. This ensures the cardholder will not incur additional charges if they are unable to make a payment on time. The Citi Simplicity Card is also officially supported by Apple Pay, among other digital payment processors.


The Balance Transfer limits that are placed on transactions the cardholder is able to make is one of the most important drawbacks to be noted. There are also foreign transaction fees charged on this card, which is a drawback for people who might travel out of the country on frequent occasions.

Overall Summary

Overall, the Citi Simplicity Card does offer a lot of value for people who are looking to clear some of their debt using Balance Transfers. The fact that there is a 0% APR on these transactions for a 21-month period is definitely beneficial. For those who may be using the card in foreign countries and in cases where a reward system is preferred, the Citi Simplicity Card may not be a good option.

Who this card is best for

The Citi Simplicity Card is an ideal product for those looking to save on APR that is charged on Balance Transfers. These transactions can be used to assist in paying off larger sums of debt that the cardholder has, without having to worry about additional APR charges added to their account for the first two years. Interested individuals should, however, note that this may not be the ideal solution for those who want to earn rewards on their transactions, as well as for anyone who travels frequently.

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