Discover it® Miles Travel Credit Card

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Discover It Miles Travel Credit Card

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  • Rewards are able to be redeemed for both travel and cash back rewards
  • No foreign transaction fee

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  • No annual fee
  • Flexible sign-up bonus
  • Rewards are able to be redeemed for both travel and cash back rewards

The Discover it Miles Travel Credit Card Summary

The Discover it Miles Travel Credit Card may not have the best travel rewards compared to others, but for the occasional traveler, it does just enough. Not to mention, cardholders can redeem their reward miles for more than travel-related purchases, such as cash back rewards.

  • No annual fee
  • Flexible sign-up bonus
  • Rewards are able to be redeemed for both travel and cash back rewards

  • No high-end perks
  • Sub-par rewards rate

Best Features

The Discover it Miles Travel Credit Card comes with a few perks that some might deem worthy enough to bring significant value to the credit card. One of those perks is the sign-up bonus, which is highlighted by the possibility for the cardholder to earn many bonus miles. The introductory offer currently listed is that Discover will match mile for mile what you receive in your first year. That means if you end up earning 25,000 miles after the first year of your account opening Discover will add on an additional 25,000 miles, giving you 50,000 for the year.

Another perk to the credit card is the flexibility cardmembers have when it comes to redeeming their rewards. With most travel-related credit cards the miles earned can only be redeemed for if it pertains to travel (hotel stays, airfare, car rentals) In the case of this credit card account holders can redeem their miles for either travel or cash back rewards. Having multiple options, especially in entirely different categories, is a nice perk for a cardholder to have.


Unfortunately in the case of the Discover it Miles Travel Credit Card, there are a few drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is there are no high-end perks when it comes to ownership. This includes free hotel stays, airport lounge passes, or even priority boarding. Cardholders do not have any blackout dates to limit them when booking travel, but that is almost standard across many travel rewards cards.

Another drawback to the credit card is the reward rate. Discover does offer unlimited 1.5 miles for every dollar spent on all purchases, which may seem like a good deal. However, many travel credit cards will offer double miles for purchases, and that may not even include certain category expenditures where the miles earned could triple. It is nice to have a credit card where you do not necessarily have to worry about when to use it to maximize its value, but it can also make it difficult for you to earn enough miles towards a free trip with a low reward rate.

Overall Summary

Many of the travel rewards offered are not the best ones available, but they certainly do not make this credit card the worst one out there. This credit card is an excellent option, everyday use kind of credit card, that will allow you to earn miles with each purchase. Just do not expect to make a significant amount of miles within a short amount of time.

Who this card is best for

The Discover it Miles Travel Credit Card is best for the casual traveler. If you are an individual who frequently travels, whether it be for pleasure or work purposes, then there are many other options out there that can provide significant perks to make your travels easier. However, if you are a casual type of traveler that wants a “relaxing” credit card when it comes to how and when you redeem your miles, then this is the card for you.


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